F A C T (Fabric Art Creative Textiles) Young Embroiderers'

 November 2013

 October 2013

September Newsletter

27th April 2013

Our FACT workshop runs for two and a half hours to enable those attending to create a piece of printed and stitched work inspired by a Shoeprint to take home.


30th March 2013

Our next FACT workshop runs for two and a half hours to enable those attending to create a 'Spring picture'  to take home.

23rd February 2013

Fabric Art and Creative TextileS

Young Embroiderers’

23rd February 2013

We had a very enjoyable free drop-in session at Nantwich Museum. We made wall hangings of birds and snakes.

Butterflies were also very popular.

A basic kit for each project was provided and it was great to see how the young people delved into the other resources provided to develop their work further.

It was great to have parents and adult friends joining in as well!

Two young people made printing blocks which they used on pelmet Vilene to make bookmarks.

Thank you to all of the adults who gave so much of their time in preparing the materials and for helping at the session.

January 2013

  Free Drop In Session CANCELLED

25th October Meeting.

Fabric Patterns and Piecing
 The workshop was to consider how 


  • we can use simple shapes to make a variety of different patterns

    Ideas of items to make from pieced fabric
  • different colours or designs of fabric can be used to achieve our ideas

  • to join the fabric pieces together

  • to turn the material made into a bag, belt, cushion etc. 

Pieces of fabric joined together
Small bag made from pieced fabric

Creation of design from pieces of fabric

Front of completed phone case
Back of completed phone case

Young Embroiderers’ is a craft group sponsored by the South Cheshire Embroiderers’ Guild, which meets every school holiday at the Yoxall Village Hall.

  Young people, boys and girls, from 7-17years are welcome.

 Email sewalong@hotmail.co.uk to book a place or pop into the session to find out more.

South Cheshire

Young Embroiderers'

For junior stitchers and textile students

Fifth Meeting - Thursday 25th October 2012


Yoxall Village hall


Cost £5

Fabric Patterns and Piecing

Email to book a place


South Cheshire 
Young Embroiderers'

Fourth Meeting - Wed July 25th 2012

After talking about primary colours we went outside and sprayed red, yellow, blue to see how they mixed together.

We all managed to stay fairly clean!

Afterwards we used the fabric, other fabrics, felt and trimmings to make flowers, vegetables and insects to put on a wall hanging.

 Some were nearly finished and were hung from a twig. Everyone took them home to decorate further and finish.

It was great seeing how the young people are developing their skills and confidence in design and stitching.

Next Meeting:

25th October 2012
Yoxall Village hall
Cost £5

Making Patterns with Fabric

Contact 01270 589626 sewalong@hotmail.co.uk

South Cheshire
Young Embroiderers’
for junior stitchers and textile students

Bring a twig/garden cane approx. 18cms long

Wednesday 25th July

at the Yoxall Village Hall, Haslington.
For ages 7-17years, wear old clothes!
Contact 01270 589626 or sewalong@hotmail.co.uk

free machine embroidery, painting, printing, stencilling, stitching, quilting, making pictures, making 3D items, recycling and up cycling felt.

Third Meeting - Wednesday June 6th 2012

Jubilee; Red, White and Blue

The young people were given opportunities to make ‘jewels’ by free machining dissolvable fabric or sewing Suffolk puffs.

Sewing Suffolk Puffs

These together with buttons, foil or sequins, were put onto cushions that they had stencilled with crowns or sewn onto felt bracelets. 

Button Bracelet

Selecting Buttons for the Bracelet

In addition to the talented and enthusiastic members of the South Cheshire Embroiderers’ Guild who ran this meeting, Maria from Chelford Young Embroiderers joined us. Two of her teenage members also attended. 

Jubilee Cushion with Buttons

Maria showed us all how to make button bracelets and needlefelt union jacks. Everyone present had a very busy time with adults as well as young people learning new skills!

Needle Felting

Second Meeting - Wednesday April 4th 2012

Last week at our meeting , our Young Embroiderers’ had a very busy and enjoyable day. 


Eight young people met, aged from 7 to 14 years, boys and girls. 

They painted and printed and then stitched an apple motif onto pelmet Vilene. 

The completed work was mounted into a CD case for display at home.

Apple Design Taking Shape

 During the afternoon we started a group project using stencilling and applying fabric to make pictures of houses.

 We hope to make these pictures into one large scene. 

We were so busy that we barely stopped for lunch!

Completed CD Cases
The day proved to be very successful for the young people and the band of helpers alike. A big thank you to everyone who was involved.

Young Embroiderers’

for junior embroiderers and textile students

meets every school holiday.

First Meeting 

Our first meeting was very enjoyable with several children attending. Everyone made notebook covers by gluing and stitching sweet wrappers onto felt using running stitch. 

A Variety of Notebook Covers

Our Young Embroiderers then used the sewing machine using straight stitch and writing their names using the machine’s alphabet.

Pegs used to hold the Covers whilst Drying

Thank you to all the adults who helped and made it such an interesting day.

Children and Helpers having Fun!

Ruth Dalby receiving a £100 cheque for the Young Embroiderers'

Ruth, Julia, Becky, Sue and Judy have formed a Committee to lead the Young Embroiderers' sessions. This Committee is working closely with the South Cheshire Embroiderers’ Guild and its members who are assisting with funding and donations of useful items.

The Young Embroiderers’ will meet once every school holiday when they will develop skills related to textile work. Objects will be created using fabric, paper, stitch, paint, glue. Boys and girls of school age, from 5-18 years old are welcome but those aged under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Ruth - Young Embroiderers Group

Please contact Ruth by email (sewalong@hotmail.co.uk) or phone 01270 589626 to be put on the mailing list and receive more information.