Branch Projects

The Branch Banner

South Cheshire Embroiderers' Guild Banner is composed of eighteen individual six inch square panels. Members were asked to use any embroidery technique, depicting a variety of images inspired by their local environment. As we can see, the responses were very varied and creative!

The Guild members who embroidered the individual panels were:

Brenda Floyd, Chris Smith, Carrie Kent, Jan Aldersay, Florence Ross, Rosemary Watson, Daphne Ashby, Julie Williams, Robina Barker, Paula Hulme, Sheila Jones, Sue Morgan, Ann Pearce, Ruth Colley, Marianne Grime, Judy Fairless, Janet Brentral and Sylvia Stead.

Construction of the banner was undertaken by Marjorie Derbyshire and the embroidered lettering was completed by Brenda Floyd.

Rainbow Squares

The Guild members who embroidered the individual panels were:

Brenda Floyd, Sue Motsom, Ruth Colley, Christine Smith, Pat Matthews, Christine Plume, Janet Brutnall, Marianne Grimes, Sue Morgan, Daphne Ashby, Maggie Phillips, Rosemary Watson, Sheila Paterson, Annemarie McGuinness, Marion Mitchell, Angela Davies, Eileen Chamberlain, Sheila Harris, Elaine King, Sheila Jones, Jan Aldersay, Ann Pearce, Becky Evans, Betty Hilton, Joyce Mecrow, Marjorie Derbyshire, Barbara Ward, Patricia Perry, Florence Ross, Minnie Deakin, Elaine Berry, Paula Hulme, Robina Barker, Jo Hogg, Lesley Williamson, Dorothy Sharpe, Carrie Evans, Linda Hall, Diana Holland, Rosemary Capper, Judy Fairless, Melanie Barnes, E.M. Woodward, Sylvia Rean, Angela Davies, Christine Smith and Sue Morgan.

Embroiderers' Guild Sporting Nations Project 2012 - Hong Kong 

A selection of our Guild Members' individual embroidered postcards depicting Hong Kong - our selected country for the 2012 Sporting Nation London Games.

Individual members who participated were:

Chris Smith, Pam Jones, Jan Aldersay, Judy Fairless, Florence Ross, Carrie Evans, Ann Shaw, Valerie Mackin, Helen Mansell, Sheila Paterson, Rosemarie Capper, Cynthia Dunbleton, Minnie Deakin, Melanie Barnes, Sue Wickson, Paula Hulme, Sue Jones, Daphne Ashby, Marjorie Derbyshire and Karin Goodman.