Members Projects 2014 and previous year

 January 2014


Members Challenge 2014 – ready for display and judging (by members as last year) at the AGM in September.
·   Any topic or theme in shades of one colour, can   include silver and/or gold also the back ground fabric colour can be different from the shades of one colour selected.
·   Must include stitch
·   Max size of piece A4 (excluding frame and mount)
·   For 3 D pieces max size an A4 cube

Travelling Books (2) January to July 2014


Travelling Books 2013

September 2013

Members Challenge - the theme for this was 'Water' (rivers, canals, rain, ice, puddles, sea, lakes anything associated with the water e.g. flowers, boats, fish, wildlife, people....) and the maximum size was A4.

There were 23 entries with each one being given a number to enable members to select their favourite to vote for. This was very difficult due to the wonderful variety and exceptional quality of the work exhibited. ( Lots of opportunity for mini workshops with such talented members).









The first prize was 1 years membership of the Embroiderers Guild with second and third prizes of books.

Once the votes were counted there was a tie for first prize so Terry Murphy CEO kindly contributed another 1 year free membership.

The joint winners were 673 (Rita Duncan) and 692(Sue Morgan) and the runner up 874 (Pam Jones).


 Travelling Books Project

This 6 month project has reached its conclusion with a display of the books at the September AGM. 



Throughout this has generated great interest and enthusiasm from those involved as well as other members who wished they had signed up. The books are great talking points with each new page being a surprise as well as a work of art.

 Just a glimpse of some of the pages created



There will be another opportunity to look at the books at the members meeting in January.


Organisation of travelling books project

Groups of 6 individuals(Tricia will allocate members to groups with the idea of being able to get to know more members and their work)

Each member needs to provide themselves with an A5 book, spiral bound for ease of use(Artist sketch pad 99p from The Works)

Each month each person will produce a piece of work/sample (small enough to fit on an A5 page), which can be in any stitch medium of their choice.

This will then be attached to the RHS page in the book by method of choice – glue, double sided taps, stitch etc,( if stitched then the next page can be used to cover the back and the next page used by following person)

On the LHS page facing the piece of work the member should include the source of inspiration e.g. small photo, picture, sketch and any other useful info about colours, stitches, techniques, reasons for use etc.

Each month at the meeting the book will be passed to the next person in the group of 6 and they will create a piece of work to go on next page, this process will continue each month until the book travels back to its owner.

By the end of 6 months you will have your own book back with 5 other pieces of work in in addition to your original piece.

If you are short of inspiration or particularly partial to one technique you could repeat this each time as the work is going into 6 different books in total.

This will start in February with the aim of being completed by September in order to display at the AGM.

TRAVELLING BOOKS (Information from the Oxford Branch)

Examples of Travelling books from the Oxford Branch

W call these Travelling Books because they “travel” around a group – they are not diaries or journals but if you’re suffering from a little creative block, need a reason to keep stitching, or just want an excuse to try out new things on a small scale, then this fits the bill.  It’s a great way of getting to know others in the branch, sharing inspiration and there’s a monthly tingle of excitement and anticipation as you await the next book.  It is a monthly commitment, but the fun outweighs that small consideration.

This is how it works –

Everyone interested in joining in signs up.  They are committing to stay for a “journey” and doing a piece of work each month.  From all those signed up, we then randomly divide these into equal groups of no more than 6 people and list them person 1-6.  Within the group, a person’s “place” on the list does not change.

Each person has a spiral-bound book.  We chose size of A5 landscape – this gave participants enough room to be creative but was not a scary size.  Everyone has a book the same size.  IF they want to, a person can have 2 books.  One is their “home” book which stays with them and the other book is their “Travelling Book”.  However, if they only want to do a Travelling Book that is fine.

Each month, everyone creates a piece of work (or two pieces of work if they have a Travelling and home book – one for each book).  The textile work can be of any sort - there are no “instructions” or theme, it is entirely up to the individual – it might be a left-over sample from something they’ve done before, tried at a workshop, something new they wanted to try out, or a happy accident.  The piece doesn’t have to be perfect or wonderful or even fit the whole page; it can be hand stitched, machine stitched, printed, stencilled, collaged, fabric or papers, or a combination of any of these.  People can be as timid or adventurous as they like.  The textile piece should fit on one page of the book, and on the opposite page is something that is related to it in some way – a picture, photo, drawing, poem, doodle, collage,  – whatever they like.  Lots of people create the textile piece first and then go looking for something to go with it, but some start with the inspiration and then create the textile – there are no rules to this.  Note the two pieces go side-by-side in the book (but always be aware of what’s on the other side – particularly if people actually stitch into the page).

If they have a home book, it stays with the individual and is then a record of all the work they have done for others.

Each month, the Travelling Book is passed to the next person on the list (ie person 1 passes to person 2, person 2 to 3 and so on, person 6 passes to person 1).  We do this at our monthly meeting and whichever Travelling Book you have, it is always passed to the same person.  If someone can’t be at a meeting, they can either ask a friend to pass the book on or contact the person they need to give the book to and make some other arrangement.   Books should not be held on to or it ruins the flow throughout the group.

Then everyone does the same thing again (this is the commitment bit!)  – a piece of work for the book which they have just been given (or two pieces of work, one for the “home” book and one for the Travelling Book if they have both) and each month the Travelling Book is passed on.

When the Travelling Books have been passed around everyone in the group they will eventually come back to their original owners.  This completes the “journey” and everyone then has a book filled with pieces and ideas from everyone else (and everyone gets excited when they get their book back – we all spend ages looking through both ours and everyone else’s books !!).

After the first journey, you can start again with people signing up (people don’t have to sign up to every journey).  You then mix the names up again to create different groups of people and the Travelling Books start off on another “journey”.

We are now on our sixth journey and still have over 30 people participating !!

Members challenge


This is for those who like to work at a different pace or in a slightly larger format than that required for the travelling books.  This piece will also be displayed at the AGM 

Theme: Water- rivers, canals, rain, ice, puddles, sea, lakes anything associated with the water e.g. flowers, boats, fish, wildlife, people....

Size: Max A4 for 2D or A4 cube for 3D work

NB the piece must include stitching.