Workshop Information and Accounts 2017 - 2018

12th -14th October  Waddow Hall

Suzette Smart requirements


While creating a rich and colourful lid for your box, you will experiment with free machine embroidery and the layering of voiles, small pieces of fabric and perhaps a little lace. When you are happy with your embroidery, it can be folded and tucked to form the shape with barely a stitch to keep it in place. The base of the box is covered with a piece of fabric to compliment your beautiful work, then folded and tucked as the lid.

Requirements List

*Pelmet vilene (enough for 2 x 30 cm square approx)

*Sewing machine with feed dogs down and freehand foot

*Variety of threads

*Small pieces of voiles, lace and fabric

*Lightweight fabric to cover box base (30cm square)

*calico (again 30cm square x1)

*Bondaweb for adhering fabric to box base

*Usual sewing equipment, scissors, spare needles, cutting boards, pencil and ruler.

If anyone is unsure of what pelmet vilene to buy, the one I use retains it's shape when folded. I can always get more details if needed. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there are any questions.

Dorothy Tucker requirements

Please bring with you

For artwork:

A few sheets of white A4 paper

A glue stick

Paper scissors

A selection of lead pencils – hard and soft

One or two sheets of tissue or tracing paper

For creating your Kantha:

·   Sewing equipment – a variety of needles, pins, scissors, embroidery ring, thimble etc.

    White and cream and light/ neutral sewing threads.

·   Several small pieces  - approx A4 or A3 – of thin, soft,  worn, thoroughly washed and ironed white or off white COTTON fabrics.

To test whether the fabrics are appropriate for Kantha, thread a needle and run a line of stitching through several layers.   The needle and thread should slip though smoothly and easily.  Some old sheets and table linens are closely woven. These will be tough to stitch into and will not quilt readily.  

·   Small scraps of transparent silks and muslins in different colours.

·   Embroidery threads in a variety of colours, including strong dark tones.  Perle No. 8 or similar threads are ideal for Kantha.

·  A Camera - optional 

I will bring some materials which will be available for purchase during the course.

19th - 20th April 2018  Workshop Transparent Images    'Stitching With Plastic'