Due to the situation with the 'Covid 19' virus the meetings and workshops which were due to take place on the following dates - 19th  March, 16th April, 21st May 2020 have been cancelled in line with current advice.

Future meetings will be kept under review and information will be published on the site when available.


The 20th February meeting was 'The View from the Cutting (and stitching) Edge' presented by Mr X Stitch, Jamie Chalmers

Jamie hosts via a range of books and media outlets, exhibits and curates a vastly different range of work from contributors around the world. He brought a selection of pieces demonstrating a variety of themes to illustrate his presentation of his work, some of which can be seen below.




The 16th January meeting was the Contemporary Quilt suitcase collection 'On the Road' presented by Judy Fairless


 Every 2 years the Contemporary Quilts group within the Quilters Guild work to a theme and make a collection of A3 size quilts which are put into a suitcase, this then goes on tour. The latest theme was 'On the Road' and our presentation was the first time this collection had been viewed. The interpretation of the theme was very varied including maps, roads, political statements on diverse aspects including refugees, use of animals to pay school fees, road signs, grids, furniture etc. Quilts on display featured a range of creative techniques and decoration.

 This was Judy Fairless' own quilt inspired by a cover of a road grid







The 21st  November meeting was 'Design- 2- Stitch' by Joanne Frankel
She brought a selection of work including design folios, 2D and 3D pieces to illustrate her talk. These ranged from her degree work through exhibition pieces to workshop samples.